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Passion Led Us Here

Kristin Combs

Founder and Political Director

Kristin Combs is the Political Director with Bright Spark Strategies. She brings more than 20 years of experience curating and spearheading political campaigns and political fundraising strategies. Her experience spans a broad spectrum from local ballot initiatives, millage proposals, state legislative races and recalls to statewide and congressional races and independent expenditure efforts. Her skillset includes project management, budgeting and campaign finance, legislative review and analysis, grassroots engagement and team management.


Kristin's prior experience includes leading non-profits, professional associations and caucus committees. She currently volunteers with various professional associations and non -profits including the American Association of Political Consultants, The Policy Circle and League of Our Own. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political theory and constitutional democracy from Michigan State University.


Heather Lombardini

Founder and Finance Director

Heather Lombardini has spent more than 2 decades in Michigan politics and leads the fundraising team at Bright Spark Strategies.


Her team is focused on issue advocacy, campaign strategy, donor relations and PAC solicitation. Heather’s immense knowledge of political fundraising strategies and her relationships with legislators and business leaders throughout the state have fueled client growth, campaign wins and state fundraising records. Her work extends to national consulting and fundraising for issues and coalitions ranging from energy and environmental causes to Chamber and business advocacy, automotive and technology initiatives and education and non-profit issue management.

Before starting Bright Spark, Heather served as managing partner of Lambert, worked for the Michigan Senate Republicans and the Michigan House Republicans where she served in staff leadership as Legislative Director for a former Speaker, and as Member Finance Director.



Ellen Kletzka

Corporate Controller

Ellen Kletzka serves as the corporate controller for Bright Spark Strategies. As the corporate controller, overseeing the firm’s office operations, she is responsible for finances, logistics, and event planning. She also manages bookkeeping services for political and non-profit clients.


Before joining the firm, Ellen spent over 10 years at Compuware, serving as Executive Secretary to the Vice President of Services and an Account Executive for the company’s education and training department.


With over 25 years of experience in office management, client relations, campaign finance, and confidential fund administration, Ellen keeps the firm’s trains running on time, and has been a significant contributor to the company’s accomplishments over the last decade.


Amber Vrooman

Deputy Director - Fundraising

Amber Vrooman serves as the Deputy Director of Fundraising at Bright Spark.

Prior to joining the firm, she served as the Legislative Aide to Senator Victory and held numerous positions during her time with former Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof. Amber's legislative experience and connections will help her serve Bright Spark clients. She excels in forming and maintaining donor relationships, event planning, and organizational skills. 


Amber holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Michigan State University.


Vrooman Headshot.jpg

Lauren Johnson

Finance Assistant

Lauren Johnson serves as the Finance Assistant at Bright Spark Strategies. 


Prior to joining Bright Spark Strategies, she served as the Metadata Project Manager for a University-based online archive and worked in the Michigan House of Representatives.


Her areas of interest are project management, organization, and analytics. At Bright Spark Strategies, Lauren will primarily focus on office management, bookkeeping, and fundraising. 

Lauren graduated from Michigan State University with a Major in International Relations and a minor in Russian.


Taylor Porrett

Account Manager

Taylor Porrett serves as the Account Manager at Bright Spark Strategies. 


Prior to joining the firm, she was an Account Executive with GCSI Association Services. She also previously worked in the Michigan House Republican Constituent Relations department as a Communications Specialist and as a Regional Press Secretary with the Michigan Republican Party. 


Taylor has vast experience with association management, social media and event planning. She possesses strong research skills and great attention to detail.


Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising with a specialization in Public Relations from Michigan State University.


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